My Story


Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for health and wellness with you!

My whole life I have been overweight. At first you fall victim to it, and in my case I chose to stay a victim for a long time. I would not have told you I was making that choice, but looking back I can see changes I could have made along the way. I have gained and lost weight multiple times; the problem is I would restrict my diet for too long, until I couldn’t hold out anymore. Once I had reached a point where I felt comfortable, I would relax and fall back into my old habits.

One of my saving graces is being competitive. A friend of mine was recently starting a new workout and clean eating program designed to last for 21 days. I tried it with the intention that if I didn’t see results, I would not be out anything. The dietary changes alone were huge for me and my body. It wasn’t just losing weight and inches for me; I felt so much better overall. The increase in physical activity boosted not only my endorphins but my self-esteem. Little by little, people noticed.

Believe it or not, this was hard for me at first. I was very uncomfortable with the attention I was receiving. As much as I hated my excess weight, it was also a shield to hide behind. The new attention, although positive, required adjustment on my part. Accepting a compliment is another new behavior I have had to learn. As time went by, I realized I was motivating and inspiring others to make changes in their own lives. It feels great to be able to help people take the first step to being happy. Maybe I can do that for you too!

I started off in my career of nursing with a goal of caring for people. I wanted to take the time to be a part of some of the best and worst moments in people’s lives. My experiences have taken me from an Urban Religious-based hospital Orthopedic-Surgical unit, to a Metro Hospital Renal (Kidney)-Medical unit, to a rural Critical Access setting where I care for all sorts of patients: Medical, Surgical, Special Care, and Emergency. I take care of the lifespan from babies to the elderly; I’ve helped out in births and through the dying process. My nursing background allows me to assess and guide caring for a multitude of health problems. My knowledge and skill set can help me direct a care plan for the individual person. It has been rewarding to impact so many people, but now I would like to help people focus on wellness in a place where they can maintain and work towards better health.

As a Health Coach, my goal is to become a partner with you in your own journey to health and wellness! I hope to inspire, educate, and support you in your lifestyle choices and actions. My job will be to offer healthy lifestyle and nutritional behavior modifications that can assist you in achieving your goals. My views of health and wellness are fluid- I realize that what may work for some may not work for others. I do feel there are common things we all can do to care for our bodies. I believe making nutritional changes towards more natural, whole, organic choices will enhance your body’s functioning by promoting optimal digestion and cellular detoxification. Activity is crucial in maintaining muscle, bone, and joint health.

You won’t be alone on this journey, I will be there every step of the way! The health industry is ever-changing. People are beginning to see prevention as a key to a long, healthy life. With a listening ear and an intention to nurture, I will be happy to help you discover what your goals are and set out a plan for you to successfully reach and maintain them. I know there are challenges that will arise, but together we will meet them head on. I hope that together we can build a relationship that will help you become your best self!




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