A Season for Change

Time has a way of slipping by if you aren’t vigilant! Lately I can’t find enough time it feels, and seeking balance has been difficult. This past year has been a season of many changes for myself. It started off losing my identity in my career field. I just wasn’t doing what I loved anymore. That had never been an issue for me. I’m a very driven, very focused individual. My career path has always been something to hold steady. When I lost my drive for work, I found a new outlet.

I found diet and exercise. Not found it, but maybe rediscovered it in a way that made me open my eyes and realize that I can no longer be selfish about the way I live. I have to think about the habits and lifestyles I am showing my boys. The drive I used to have for work I put towards a couple of workout programs. I do well with set goals and expectations, so following these programs was something that came relatively easy as far as the idea and demands. I had no idea what a year later would have in store for changes.

My newfound workout hobby has turned into a little of an obsession. My Type A, Perfectionist, Self-deprecator is very naggy when I don’t work out for a day, or two. But in that, I found my passion for helping people in the same state I am in. Wanting to be healthy, feeling alone at times, and wondering where to turn next. My goal is to surround myself with people who just need an uplifting voice, someone who believes in them and shares in their goals, people who can believe in my goals and support me along the way.

If you can scroll through your facebook feed or instagram without seeing social media posts about celebrities quickly dropping the baby weight, or incredible body transformations, I’m amazed! I seem to see them every other post. And while I find myself jealous and in awe at times, I realize that most of those results are photo-shopped and, quite honestly, not realistic. I have to focus on turning off the inner negative voice and remember the positives: Today I woke up with two blessings, my eyes. I was then blessed with a few more, I sat up and was able to get out of bed without any type of assistance and walk. My biggest blessings followed about 2 hours later when I woke them up after my workout and shower, my boys.

Change is never easy. It takes 21 days to start a new habit and 90 days to make a lifestyle change. The hard part is having the courage to show up every day, know that you won’t be perfect, you will make mistakes, eat something you ENJOY (but maybe isn’t healthy), and miss workouts. But everyday you wake up, you are able to start fresh and make choices. Choices that can make you grow older, or make you grow younger. Life is about balance; enjoy the life you have and be grateful for all of the things on your plate. God has blessed you with this body and with this day. What you choose to do with it is on you, but you can surround yourself with a tribe of people to help lift you up and support your goals and dreams. MAKE TODAY YOUR DAY and BUILD YOUR TRIBE!

A year ago I would not have believed what giving into 21 days of trying something new could do for me. A year later, I’m 50 lbs lighter, working towards a new career path, selling a home, building a home, and most importantly, being a mom and wife who puts the wellness of my family first so we can all enjoy a happy, healthy life together!Inspirational-Quotes-Sayings


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