Changing Your Story

The story you are living today: is it the one you are telling yourself or the one you are making for yourself? 

This is why I ask. Today I’m struggling with my own story. My body is fatigued, my mind is drained, and everything within me is screaming to take a break. The story in my head is that if I don’t work out today, I’ll gain back the 60 lbs I’ve lost and all of the hardwork I’ve put in.

I am my own worst critic. If I were meeting with you and you were telling me a similar scenario to the story above, I would quickly tell you to listen to your body. If everything is screaming for you to slow down, there is a reason. Your body is not meant to be under constant stress without recovery time.

The stories we tell ourselves are often quite different from the movie our life is playing out to everyone else. So as I sit here and struggle with counseling myself, I realize this is a common theme for me. 

Continuing the self-sabotaging story takes away from all of the hard work I’ve done and the goals I have accomplished. It doesn’t erase the fact that I have conquered my first month of Insanity workouts again. One day missed will not ruin the month of physical intensity I have rocked every other day.

So to treat myself and not wallow in my sad story, I will spend an evening with a good friend to buy a new dress or pair of jeans that fit this new physique I’ve earned. 

Moral of the story: When you tell your story, tell your best story!


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