Who needs a Health Coach?

A Health Coach isn’t like your doctor, dentist or optometrist… but maybe they should be! Anyone can see a Health Coach. A Health Coach is here to help you develop, cultivate, and support your healthy life-style. Whether you have a goal in mind, are looking for support, or are looking for a refreshing new take on things, a Health Coach is perfect for you!

I went to myself Health Coach with the intention of learning about Essential Oils. When I got there, she asked me if that was the primary goal of our meeting. I think I surprised her when I told her I was open to everything. We talked about where my journey to health and wellness had started, how I felt lost in my professional life, and what I was hoping to find. I was tearful and vulnerable, but my Coach sat there and patiently listened and supported. It was after that meeting that I felt brave enough to email her and tell her my real dream. From there, I emailed my Healing Touch Practitioner and told her. The rest for me, seems like history.

Since I’ve approached my friends and family with my new passion, everyone has been very supportive! I seem to strike up conversations about it just about anywhere. People see the changes I’ve made and see how much lighter and brighter I feel. Even this weekend a friend whom I hadn’t seen in over three years commented that I was like a before and after commercial, like I stepped out from an old cut-out to reveal a new me.

So if you think you may be interested in a Health Coach, let’s talk! I would love to hear what you’re all about and find out if there is something I can help you reach and attain. It doesn’t have to be giant and life-changing at first, but I bet over time one little change now could be the key to life-changing things ahead. You just have to be willing to take the first step. Let’s do that together!

Cabin Life


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